Charlie Soteriou is a songwriter and producer of modern, catchy, pop songs. Whilst the production genre could be classed as pop or R&B the catchiness of the songs enables them to have a production treatment of various genres. Their appeal potential therefore is across various markets and numerous acts

Charlie writes all of the lead vocal melodies and lyrics. In the past he has worked with a studio engineer who produced the tracks, with Charlie sometimes co-producing. The final feel of the production however was borne from Charlie’s initial brief and reflected his vision

More recently all of the studio engineering and production, being on the first 38 songs on the play list, is by Charlie and most of the instruments are played by Charlie on the keyboard

The male vocalist is Charlie and the female vocals are either Sarah or Max, two very talented vocalists which he has been lucky enough to meet

Do not hesitate to contact Charlie if you would like to discuss using any of his compositions or with any other queries

NOTE My Girls contains part of Ladie’s Night by Kool & The Gang, which is used without permission